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28. Sep 12

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Fed Policy Could Boost Real Estate

Some experts believe that the Federal Reserve’s actions will help the real estate market recover.

27. Sep 12

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Fed’s Low Interest Rate Policy Can Hurt Retireme...

Retirement plans often rely in part on income from investment, which might be lower than normal under the Fed’s latest policy move. In this article, we explain what "QE3" is, and how it affects toda...

25. Sep 12

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Low Inflation Means Small Social Security COLA Rai...

Almost all retirees receive Social Security benefits as a valuable source of retirement income. These benefits move up over time, in line with the increase in the cost of living. In this article, we e...

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Data Shows the Demand for Homes is Increasing

The home market will recover when demand for homes rises and recent data points to a potential recovery. This all comes before the Fed announced QE3. In this article, we explain what QE3 is, and how i...

19. Sep 12

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Low Interest Rates Expected to Continue for Years

The Federal Reserve is expected to keep interest rates low for years. This will have an impact on retirees, and we explain how in this article.

18. Sep 12

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Income Needs May Not Decrease With Age

TMany believe they will spend less as they age, but that may not be by choice. In this article, we explain why spending goes down in later years - and what you can do about it now to protect yourself.

15. Sep 12

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Florida Battle Highlights Pension Uncertainty

Retirement security might escape even those with pensions if some Florida pension reforms take hold, as they are being proposed now. We explain how in this article, and why inflation and retirement is...

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Another Sign of a Housing Bottom Appears

Rising home prices are beginning to look like a trend and that could benefit retirees. CoreLogic laid out three signs that home prices have stabilized, and we go over them here.

13. Sep 12

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Retirement Planning Must Consider Longevity Risk

Many people are starting retirement with limited assets and the need to make those assets last for decades to avoid longevity risk, or the risk that you'll outlive your savings.

11. Sep 12

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Small Businesses Selling Like Homes

Many small business owners are facing a difficult sales market, just like many home owners. Home owners, however, have a solution at their fingertips.


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